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  • Esay creation

    Email creation very esay.No requrie More information for get it

  • Email Validaty

    Per email Validaty 1 month. If need you can renew it after 1 month for 24 hours (FREE).

  • Unlimited Email

    There is no limitation for create email

  • Message Detetion

    We not store your message after 3 days.

  • Donation

    We aceept Domain donation for email service

  • Illegal use

    We suspend any account any time for ilegal use.

Privacy Policy


We attach great importance to the maintenance of user privacy. We do not collect personal information, and we take effective measures to protect the user's non-personal information, so that this information will not be unauthorized access and use. Please note that while the security measures we take to protect information are sound, it is not absolutely guaranteed that the non-personal information of the user will not be accessed and used without authorization.